Types of Outdoor Decks

These days there are many types of decking materials available on the market. Purchasing a deck involves making some important decisions like choosing the material and selecting the overall size and appearance of the deck. People interested in designing a deck or having a deck built will be aware of the many kinds of decking material available to choose from. Decking may be an expensive outlay but it will add value and charm to a family home. When choosing decking products, you should look at the kind of decking components you prefer, you may want to also take into consideration how long that deck components will last for as well as the maintenance that the various different decking materials require. Deciding on the best material will help ensure the decking for your property is a good investment decision for the future. When choosing a deck there are many factors to consider, such as your budget, style of your home, style of your neighbors homes and outdoor areas. People in different areas will choose different types of decking due to the availability and cost of materials and the weather conditions.

At McNish Outdoor living service, we promise not only high quality products but we ensure that we add value to our customer’s property. Adding a backyard structure is not the only thing that can add value to your property. Still, their placement has a lot to do with the overall appeal of your house. Adding a backyard structure can increase the resale value of your house by 10 percent. It also increases the overall square footage of your available living space on the property. Our fully customized and creative designs add beauty and value to your property. So, even if you wish to resale your property, you will have a better value for the property in the end. 

Natural stone Decks
This is an option for individuals who want to construct a spectacular and classic patio. Stone decks look remarkable. The slabs are not as heavy as you may imagine, this is a very tough and durable material. In Australia stone decking is somewhat expensive and difficult to transport. People in Brisbane who want a stone patio would usually contact a paving company as opposed to a deck builder, and may work in conjunction with a builder to build the roof over the stone deck.

Turn your backyard into a destination. Enjoy the Florida sunshine with a custom outdoor living space, whether it is to enhance the aesthetics of your home or increase its value a backyard structure is always a good investment. No one likes to be cooped up inside and extend your living space beyond the walls of your home, your dream backyard awaits. McNish Outdoor Living offers a wide range of services whether it is a deck, a gazebo by the pool, a pergola on a sunny Florida afternoon, or hosting a cookout with your new outdoor kitchen, we will get it done.

Preserved Soft Wood Decks
Decks created from pressure-treated pine can last for several years if the surface is properly cared for, but no matter how often a preserved pine deck is treated, pressure treated lumber can still warp. Wood obtained from older pine is less likely to bend and distort than wood taken from younger trees. Regardless of the age of the wood it can still warp, when exposed to extreme heat, rain and general weathering. Brisbane has a tropical climate with very warm and damp conditions throughout much of the year making wood decking increasingly less popular. Wood decking may not be suitable for Brisbane homes especially if the deck is to be uncovered.

Hard Wood Decks
Hard wood decking material is a fantastic option for those people who can afford the luxury this decking material gives. Hardwood still needs to be treated but is much more durable than pine and other soft woods. Hardwood is expensive and often imported due to deforestation restrictions.

Timber Hybrid Decks
Wood composite is often used for decking timber; this is a combination of wood fiber and plastic. This material is gaining in popularity as it is very durable and has a similar texture to real wood, the synthetic component makes this material really simple to clean and it will not absorb any moisture. It is an attractive material that should not warp or split. Despite the fact that timber composite decking is a lot more costly than pressure-treated wood, it’s well worth the cost. Timber composite deck materials last longer than timber. Assuming wood composite decking material is something you can afford, it is an outstanding option for any outside area.

Vinyl Decks
The look and feel of vinyl is similar to wood. Vinyl decking is trouble free and easy to own, it can handle a lot of abuse and is a great choice for families with children. Vinyl deck material is easy to mop, and it’s available in many textures and colours. People often choose Vinyl because it does not get hot to the touch under the sun, making this a particularly good choice for home owners in hot climates.

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