The Job of a Plasterer

The description of a plasterer is a tradesman who works with plasters, usually by laying plaster either on ceiling and walls or as decorative molding.

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Plasterers have been in demand for hundreds of years and are one of the oldest handicrafts used for buildings and sculptures. Even the houses of primitive men used a mud plaster to hold up the sticks of their houses.

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Today plastering is still in highly in demand any many people are able to make a living by becoming a plasterer. Plastering is a skilled work and works in accordance with the standard trade practices.

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A plastering assignment can either be given orally or written down or accompanied by blueprints. Plasterers usually work independently but there are some companies that provide this service as well. The plastering job can also be subjected to a review for speed of completion and quality.

There are several duties and responsibilities involved in plastering. The first is to purchase the plaster and stucco and then to mix and match it, he must have to possess all the tools necessary to do the job. One of the jobs may be to patch holes in walls or ceilings. This is called lath work.

A plasterer may also be involved in the construction of walls, ceilings and buildings and usually the plaster itself is applied to metal, wood, tile, or brick surfaces and is coated by a two or three coat technique. Other jobs may also include patching up old plaster or removing loosened plaster.

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