Importance of Choosing Business Strategist

November 21, 2021 by No Comments

“Having a business strategist on your side can be worth their weight in gold.”

A marketing strategist is someone whose job it is to help you maximize the results of your marketing efforts. Sometimes this includes helping you come up with a marketing plan, and sometimes they just help bring clarity to what your priorities should be as part of an ongoing strategy. It’s common for organizations that don’t have marketing strategists on staff to hire consultants who do this work. The challenge then becomes making sure you choose the right consultant and not wasting money on one who isn’t going to offer best practices and real value.

Here are some tips for choosing a consulting firm or individual:

Don’t go cheap: The first mistake entrepreneurs make when hiring a consultant is trying to get by with the cheapest option. You get what you pay for in this industry, particularly when it comes to marketing strategy and planning. A less-expensive consultant may not have the skills or background you need, and their advice could be useless or even do more harm than good if they don’t fully understand your business objectives.

Targeted knowledge: Look for a strategist who has experience in your specific niche or industry. If you operate in a highly competitive market, look for someone who deals with that type of situation regularly and knows how to bring new value to an existing brand rather than someone whose last client was selling widgets like yours. Industry connections: Before hiring anyone, research them online and check out their LinkedIn profiles (and the profiles of their staff, when possible) to see if they have strong connections within your industry. You don’t want a strategist who’s going to give you a bunch of advice about how to deal with the entertainment industry when in fact their best client was in health care sales.

Office location: Beware of strategists who work from home. They might have the skills and knowledge you need, but it will be difficult for them to create a professional-quality marketing plan if their office is located in a residential neighbourhood rather than somewhere people actually go on business. In general, it’s better for your consultant to use an office where other companies also operate rather than an isolated location – even if they do most or all of their work remotely.

In order to find the right marketing strategist for your business, you have to start with the assumption that there are plenty of them out there who can help bring your organization to the next level. But just because they can doesn’t necessarily mean they will do so effectively, which is why it’s so important to take your time and do your research before hiring anyone.

Once you have done that work, then it’s just a matter of communicating what you’re trying to achieve in terms of product awareness, brand recognition and lead generation. The marketing strategist should be able to layout an action plan based on their understanding of your needs and deliverables tied to specific milestones in the process.

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